Canada Day 2014

July 2, 2014

I had an amazing Canada Day this year full of friends, food, and fireworks.  After spending the last weekend in town, my wife and I were both itching to get out of town and hit the mountains.  We met up with a great bunch of friends from Canmore, and rode the bus up to the main day lodge at Sunshine Village to hike the three lakes at Sunshine Meadows.

The snow is only now beginning to reveal the alpine meadowland up at 7000', so there wasn't a lot of greenery out just yet.  My guess is that they are about a month behind Calgary when it comes to the growing season.  There was still a small amount of ice on all of the lakes, but it made for really beautiful scenery all around.  

I would say that my highlight for the day was the extremely brave Marmot that came by while we were eating our lunch.  I hadn't ever had a close up experience with one of these critters before, only from a great distance.  We were all laughing that up close they look like an alpine beaver.  Trying to take pictures was a real challenge because the only thing that he was afraid of was my hands.  Every time I moved my fingers he ran away to hide, and had to work his courage up all over again.  

After our hike, Amanda and I met some other friends and went to my favourite Korean BBQ restaurant in Calgary, the Bow Bulgogi House.

For the fireworks we parked ourselves above Samis Road, right by the Centre St. bridge.  Unfortunately this year there was a lot more fences put up to keep us safe, but it did ruin the view a little bit.

All in all, an action packed day that made me grateful to have as many wonderful people in my life as I do.

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