Marble Canyon

February 1, 2015

I really like getting out of the city on the weekends (as you may have guessed), so I decided last night was the perfect night to take some photos in the parks. I left Calgary at about 9:45 with Marble Canyon as my destination.

It was absolutely the perfect night for a hike/photoshoot. The moon was almost full, and I didn't have to use my headlamp one time. My only regret was not having anyone to share it with. I haven't ever gone out hiking by myself at night at the end of January. The mountains take on an entirely different character at that time of day. It was stunning. Everything really has a grander scale, especially when you are the only soul for kilometers.

I think this photo that I got near the top of Marble Canyon does a good job illustrating the vastness that I felt out there. I want to thank Paul Zizka Photography, Andrew Caitens, and Dan Evans for the inspiration and motivation on this photo. A year ago I don't think that I would have seen, or been able to make this without seeing the work that you guys do.

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